Was There Really Election Fraud?

              Recently our friend John Lott posted a paper on SSRN which found significant statistical anomalies in county-level vote numbers around Atlanta and Philadelphia. His paper was then mentioned by Trump as ‘proof’ that the election was a ‘fraud.’               The moment this happened, my friends in Gun-control Nation and other liberal groups started screamingContinue reading “Was There Really Election Fraud?”

Where’s MAGA Going? Nowhere.

              I spent a few minutes yesterday listening the three AM-radio shock jocks who have been at the forefront of Trump’s attempt to stay in office past January 20, 2021. These three guys have been screaming about the vote ‘fraud’ every day for the last three months.               The morning show that I get isContinue reading “Where’s MAGA Going? Nowhere.”

Can Trump Win Re-Election On January 6th?

What’s Trump really trying to do this week by refusing to sign the Covid-19 relief bill? Assuming that he’s got the ability to think any political issue through, here’s my two cents – take it to the bank or not. Trump’s not trying to wreck the GOP. He’s also not trying to cozy up toContinue reading “Can Trump Win Re-Election On January 6th?”