Where’s MAGA Going? Nowhere.

              I spent a few minutes yesterday listening the three AM-radio shock jocks who have been at the forefront of Trump’s attempt to stay in office past January 20, 2021. These three guys have been screaming about the vote ‘fraud’ every day for the last three months.

              The morning show that I get is a guy named Jim Polito, who used to be a reporter for the Boston Herald tabloid but was fired in 2008 for sexual harassment. That was before the #MeToo movement appeared, so whatever he did to get canned, he must have been quite a jerk.

              The mid-day show of course is Rush, or what’s left of him, that is. And the afternoon show is a guy named Howie Carr, who tries to out-Rush Rush in terms of racism, appeals to stupidity and outright lying about everything.

              The Polito show featured a discussion about – ready? – sports. Why didn’t the Patriots make the NFL playoffs – that was the topic at hand.  An alt-right radio broadcast talking about sports? 

              The topic on Rush’s show was a real humdinger. The guy sitting in for Rush talked about how there is a ‘peaceful counter-revolution’ going on against the establishment which now consists of both the Democrats and the GOP. Both of these groups are trying to tear down everything that was built over the last four years. I guess he was referring to the Mexican wall.

              The Howie Carr show was devoted to a discussion about the difference between ‘consulting’ experts as opposed to letting experts tell us what we should do. The expert in question was Anthony Fauci, of course, whose views on the pandemic needed to be considered as long as ‘the people’ then decide how to protect themselves from a virus which is killing more than 1,000 folks every day. Three cheers for the people.

              So, this is where the alt-right finds itself after four years of slavishly supporting and promoting a guy who happened last month to lose his chance to hang around for another four years. And if the alt-right hot-air balloon could so quickly go pfft! and disappear, the question we need to answer is this: Who says the alt-right, or the MAGA movement, or whatever you want to call those schmucks was ever anything more than Trump shooting his mouth off along with some help from a few media friends?

              Oh, before I forget, Trump’s dwindling bevy of supporters also includes a few attorneys who have just signed on to yet another lawsuit seeking to disenfranchise the more than 81 million people who voted for Kamala and Joe. The suit is being brought by maybe the dumbest member of Congress, Louis Gohmert (R-TX) but it’s the handiwork of none other than Sydney ‘Kraken’ Powell, who will no doubt become a regular fixture on one of the Fox talk-shows next year.

              This is who now represents the sitting President of the United States in the media and the courts: For the media, we have AM-radio shock jocks who are giving their listeners the latest and greatest inside dope on the NFL. For the lawyers we have a bunch of legal nobodies including two attorneys whose ‘law firm’ actually consists of the lobby of a condo where you can rent a mailbox.

              And then there’s Trump’s political allies who are still convinced that the election was a ‘fraud.’ Yesterday when Congressman Gohmert was asked by an AM-radio shock jock to explain how and why none of the more than 40 lawsuits filed against the election results had worked, he said, “Well, we just have to keep trying to find one judge in the entire United States who is willing to support the Constitution.” He actually made that statement in public, okay?

              The truth is that the alt-right is being kept in business by the attention paid to it by the mainstream media. So the question for 2021 is this: How do we stop the liberal media from continuing to pretend that Trump and his MAGA represents anything at all?

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Author of 7 gun books and more than 1,000 gun columns on my website and Huffington Post. Lifetime Patriot Legacy NRA member. Gun retailer, wholesaler, importer and safety trainer.

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